Ship of Fools Great Lighthouse Update Released for PC; September 2023 for Consoles 1

Ship of Fools Great Lighthouse Update Released for PC; September 2023 for Consoles

Fika Productions detailed their massive free Great Lighthouse update for Ship of Fools on PC. Console players will need to wait until Sept. 2023 to experience all it has to offer.

The Great Lighthouse update revamps Ship of Fools end game experience. Changes include new mechanics, achievements, items, NPC, and more.

After conquering the final boss AND rescuing all three NPCs, you will face a new challenge – unlocking the Great Lighthouse door (using a quite unconventional method) and restore the Entity of light. 

The brighter the light atop the Great Lighthouse shines, the more agitated the enemies become. However, don’t be deterred by their anger, because as you progress, you’ll be rewarded with more valuable loot and unique prizes. The risk may be high, but the rewards are even greater!

The hard mode gameplay loop goes as follows:

  • Activate a new brightness level of the lighthouse effectively increasing the difficulty of the game
  • Beat the game with this brightness level active
  • Unlock a unique Reward and the next brightness level becomes available for purchase

Each Brightness level and each their rewards will shape new ways to play and explore the game.

As an example, activating the first brightness level not only makes the enemies tougher, but their projectiles can now inflict critical damage upon impact. This added challenge requires you to be quick on your feet and react swiftly to avoid these deadly attacks. However, if you manage to beat the game with this difficulty setting, you’ll receive a permanent upgrade to the Stormstrider – The Beacon artifact. The Beacon is a miniature lighthouse that will light up your way through the most troubled waters of the Archipelago. It harnesses the powers of the Entity of Light in a more “portable” way.

You’ll need to load The Beacon with a Tendril to light it up!

Once The Beacon is loaded with a Tendril, you’ll have a new option available on the map when you are near the storm. It will allow you to consume the loaded Tendril in order to repel the surrounding storm! Very useful to reach those far islands that would have otherwise not been accessible. With this item you can repel ANY type of storm… I wonder what it does in the last sector…

There are 15 brightness levels in the Great Lighthouse to unlock and this was only the first one! I’ll let you discover the 14 others and their rewards by yourselves!

The Great Lighthouse update is adding new challenges to the game and their associated rewards to including:

  • 40+ new items
  • Siren’s quests
  • New cannon abilities
  • New encounters
  • New NPC
  • New achievements
  • And many more for you and your shipmate to explore!
Ship of Fools Great Lighthouse Update Released for PC; September 2023 for Consoles

In addition to the free update, two additional characters were added for $5. Both characters have a unique play style, which is perfect for anyone looking for a change of pace. Augus reduces reflected projectile damage, but adds a pierce and homing effect when hit with perfect timing. Jules is a little more practical giving players a random trinket after defeating a domain’s ruler.

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