Preorders Open for Pwnage's StormBreaker Mouse 1

Preorders Open for Pwnage’s StormBreaker Mouse

Pwnage open preorders for StormBreaker, their highly anticipated premium gaming mouse.

StormBreaker stands out by being made of Magnesium alloy, giving it a premium feel and helping it achieve its impressive 53g weight. Pwnage went a step further to ensure the best gaming experience by adding a 2000hz polling rate, 26,000 DPI sensor, adjustable sensor position, 120 hour battery life, and more.

Henry Lai, CEO at Pwnage, added the following about the announcement:

There is no other gaming mouse on the market that can match Stormbreaker’s personalized responsiveness, control, accuracy and speed for competitive games. 

Stormbreaker is a magnesium alloy gaming masterpiece; raising the bar for what is possible in a gaming mouse and is poised to be the mouse of choice for gamers of all skill levels – from beginner to professional.

Press Release

Along with a number of gaming features, StormBreaker has a fair amount of customization. These include the standard colors of black, and white, plus red, olive, mint, blue, and grey as limited edition designs. There are also optional gold gold grips, and red, or white glass skates to deliver a truly personalized experience.

Those interested can preorder today for $169 to $209, depending on the options you select.

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