Estimated Game Length Revealed For Final Fantasy XVI

JRPGs are usually very long games and it sounds like you will still get your money’s worth playing Final Fantasy XVI later this year. The story mode is lengthy, but getting 100% will take even longer.

During an interview with Japan’s Famitsu magazine (via Press Start Australia), Producer Naoki Yoshida and Director Hiroshi Takai talked more about the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI video game.

In the interview, it is revealed that completing the main story of the game will set you back 35 hours. If you want to complete every side quest, you can expect to take around 75 or 80 hours to finish them.

They wanted to make the main quest not too long as they know some people want to finish the game in a timely manner. This is way more is packed into the optional quests.

In the same interview, they mentioned the game will have a NewGame+ mode that also includes a harder difficulty setting. Final Fantasy XVI releases on June 22nd, 2023 for the PS5.

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