Street Fighter 6 Release Date Revealed 1

Street Fighter 6 Release Date Revealed

Following leaks earlier this week, Capcom official announced Street Fighter 6 will release on June 2, 2023 for PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series, and PC.

Along with the trailer, four new characters were revealed for Street Fighter 6.

And now, we welcome to the Street Fighter 6 stage, one returning legend – Dee Jay – and three newcomers – Manon, Marisa, and JP.

  • Dee Jay – First appearing in Super Street Fighter II, Dee Jay is a globally popular dance music superstar with a burning love for music and fighting. As a returning character in the series, Dee Jay retains his trademark moves that will get you in the rhythm such as Air Slasher, Double Rolling Sobat, Machine Gun Upper, and Jackknife Maximum, while adding new moves like Jus Cool and Weekend Pleasure to his arsenal. Visit Bathers Beach, Dee Jay’s stage in Street Fighter 6, to find a beachside party full of life amidst a setting sun.
  • Manon – A supermodel and world champion judoka, Manon struts the catwalk of street fighting to become the world’s strongest model. Manon’s move set is a graceful union between judo grappling and classical ballet with moves like the Manège Doré, Renversé, Pas de Deux, and more. Find her in the Fȇte Foraine stage in France, a dazzling carnival amidst the French skyline.
  • Marisa – Marisa is an up-and-coming jewelry designer from Italy who claims ancestry to ancient Greek warriors. A powerhouse of a character, Marisa utilizes her long limbs to unleash slow yet gargantuan strikes like the devastating Gladius, defensive counter Scutum, powerful Quadriga kick, and the almighty Goddess of the Hunt. Bask in the scent of victory in Colosseo, Marisa’s stage, with battle-ready warriors in the background cheering you on.
  • JP – JP is the head of an international nonprofit organization responsible for many successful investment projects, and the man behind Nayshall’s present prosperity. He has a beloved cat named Cybele. JP takes control of the entire map from all angles with moves like the powerful void-creating Departure, the clone-deploying Torbalan, the Embrace grab, and the destructive Interdiction.
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Players might recognize some of these names from the “full roster” leak back in June. While that list does not contain Marisa, images leaks from the time confirm she is “Mimi.”

Another interesting thing about this reveal is confirmation the base game will include 18 fighters. The original roster leak contained 22, suggesting the aforementioned list also reveals the currently unknown year one character pass, which Capcom confirmed contains four additional fighters. Given six have yet to be revealed, two of which are new and four returning, it will be interesting to see who ends up where.

In addition to new characters, Capcom detailed their all-new World Tour mode.

Visit exciting locations like an arena in Italy, a festival in France, a beach in Jamaica, and more as you travel around the world learning Special Moves from Masters. You can even mix and match Special Moves from different Masters meaning that your avatar can throw out a Hadoken or Sonic Boom, perform a Spinning Bird Kick, and execute a Yoga Flame, all in the same match as long as they’re using different inputs. World Tour also introduces Master Assist, allowing players to fight alongside a Master like Ryu by calling upon them in battle to help for a period of time, a useful tool for when you encounter more than one opponent. Lastly, play your heart out with minigames like karate-chopping bottles, enjoying Italian cuisine, parrying basketballs, and more. Minigames are playable in between matches in the form of part-time jobs where you can earn World Tour mode currency to purchase in-game clothing, food, and more.

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Street Fighter 6 Release Date Revealed

If this wasn’t enough, multiple editions and preorder bonuses were revealed for Street Fighter 6. This starts. with the standard edition, which includes the 18-character launch roster, and Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub modes for $59.99. Those looking for a bit more can purchase the Deluxe Edition for $84.99. This includes the base game, year one character pass, colors three through 10 for each year one character outfit, and 4,200 Drive Tickets. Finally, for those looking for everything, you can purchase the Ultimate Edition. The $104.99 edition includes all the aforementioned stuff, plus two additional costumes and alternate colors for the year one pass characters, two stages, and the Drive Tickets increase to 7,700.

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Along with digital editions, Street Fighter 6 will also have a collector’s edition called the Mad Gear Box. This GameStop exclusive edition is not currently available for sale, but includes all the contents of the Ultimate Edition, plus stickers, art book, OST, and Pop Up Parade figures of Luke and Kimberly.

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Finally, for anyone who preorders any edition, they will receive six bonus colors pictured above. PlayStation Store preorders will also receive 18 stickers and titles.

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