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Final Fantasy XVI Releases June 2023

Square Enix confirmed the latest entry in the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy XVI will release for PlayStation 5 on June 22, 2023.

Following the reveal, Square Enix added some new information about Final Fantasy XVI:

FINAL FANTASY XVI introduces gamers to an all-new standalone story in the Final Fantasy universe, an epic dark fantasy world that takes place in the realm of Valisthea—a land blessed in the light of the Mothercrystals, and where peace falters as the spread of the Blight threatens to destroy their dominions. The fate of the land is decided by the Eikons, powerful and deadly creatures, and their Dominants, men and women who have been blessed with the ability to call upon and wield them. This is the tale of Clive Rosfield, a warrior granted the title “First Shield of Rosaria” and sworn to protect his younger brother Joshua, the Dominant of the Phoenix, Eikon of Fire. Before long, Clive will be caught up in a great tragedy and swear revenge on the Dark Eikon Ifrit, a mysterious entity that brings calamity in its wake. 

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Finally, Square Enix detailed the various editions and preorder bonuses for Final Fantasy XVI. In addition to the base game, there will be a Deluxe Edition for $99.99. It includes a cloth world map of Valisthea, plus a special Clive Rosfield SteelBook. There will also be a digital version for $89.99, which gives the game, mini art book, and OST. Fans can also purchase a collector’s edition exclusively from the Square Enix store. This edition includes a unique box, premium Phoenix vs Ifrit statue, metal Eikon pin collection, the aforementioned Clive Rosfield SteelBook and cloth map, plus the Blood Sword DLC weapon, digital mini art book, OST, and Scholar’s Spectacles (experience boosting accessory). A price was not revealed for the collector’s edition, but Square Enix confirmed preorders will start Monday, Dec. 12 at 9:00 p.m. EST / 6:00 pm PST.

Everyone who preorders Final Fantasy XVI will receive Braveheart (Weapon) DLC and Cait Sith Charm (Gil Boost Accessory) items, along with various retailers getting their own exclusive bonus. These include Square Enix store with a 6″ cloth wall banner of the Realms of Valisthea, GameStop giving a Realms of Valisthea 2.5″ patch, BestBuy having its own steelbook, and all PlayStation Store preorders give the Scholar’s Spectacles (Exp Boost Accessory).

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