CM Punk Is Still In AEW: Fight Forever Video Game

As wrestling fans might know already, CM Punk is currently suspended by AEW for a press conference rant that led to a real-life backstage fight with The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. Despite this controversy, CM Punk is still slated to be in the AEW: Fight Forever roster.

As reported exclusively by Sportskeeda, the website has learned that CM Punk is still in the AEW: Fight Forever game even though his image was removed from the front cover.

AEW representatives also told the site that nobody that has been revealed in the game thus far has been removed. If someone gets removed, a separate announcement will happen for it.

CM Punk’s status in AEW remains up in the air as he’s currently both injured and suspended at the moment. At least fans can still see him in the video game which is due out sometime next year for PC and consoles.

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