HARVESTELLA Announced for Switch and PC 1

HARVESTELLA Announced for Switch and PC

Square Enix surprised fans by announcing a new life simulation RPG, Harvestella, for Switch and PC.

Here are the first details about Harvestella:

In HARVESTELLA, players will experience a beautiful world that changes with the flow of the seasons and enjoy a variety of gameplay including tending to crops, befriending townspeople and adventuring into challenging dungeons.

HARVESTELLA is set in a vibrant and colourful world where four giant crystals called “Seaslight” create a stable change between the four seasons. The adventure begins as abnormalities in the Seaslight begin to appear, creating the “Quietus,” a season of death that takes place between the naturally occurring four seasons. During the Quietus the crops wither and people cannot venture outside, and troublingly, these seasons are mysteriously growing longer with each year.

In this life simulation RPG, players will grow and tend to crops, use ingredients to cook and craft items, and venture into the overworld, which vibrantly changes based on the season, to visit different towns, interact with townsfolk, go fishing and more. Players can select from various Jobs, such as Fighter, Shadow Walker, and Mage, and venture into dungeons with their party to discover the origins of the world as well as the truth behind the calamity along the way.

Press Release

Players can expect to enjoy this and more when Harvestella releases on Nov. 4, 2022.

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