Ghostbusters VR Confirmed for PlayStation VR2; Ghostbusters VR Academy Experience Also Revealed

Ghostbusters VR Confirmed for PlayStation VR2; Ghostbusters VR Academy Experience Also Revealed

Sony Pictures Entertainment revealed Ghostbusters VR (working title) will be coming to PlayStation VR 2 and a new location based experience, Ghostbusters VR Academy Experience.

If you missed the original announcement of Ghostbusters VR, it was initially revealed back in Apr. 2022 as a Meta Quest 2 exclusive title. In the upcoming VR experience, players get to run their own Ghostbusters HQ in the city of San Francisco, where they need to solve a “deep mystery” in this new chapter of the beloved franchise. Up to three players can work together in co-op and work through this “extensive and engrossing campaign.”

Along with the Ghostbuster VR news, Ghostbusters VR Academy Experience was announced as a location based VR experience. The title, which will be present in over 400 different HOLOGATE locations globally, is a fully immersive training simulation that is comprised of two different games known as Arena and Blitz.

Sony describes the two games as follows:

In the ARENA game, academy members in training will strap on their proton packs and work together as a team in high-risk ghost encounter scenarios – all under the safeguard of academy grounds. In the BLITZ game, trainees will have the opportunity to take the wheel in the prototype ECTO vehicle, a vehicle exclusively available for evaluation at the academy. Players will compete to see who is the fastest, most skillful driver in a high-speed ghostly race, putting the prototype vehicle to the test and choosing if it is worth joining the ranks of future Ghostbusters equipment. These immersive simulations are only possible with the location-based quality VR offered by HOLOGATE at over 400 locations around the world. 

Press Release

Jake Zim, senior vice president, virtual reality, Sony Pictures Entertainment, offered the following comments on the reveal:

Sony Pictures Virtual Reality is all about making wishes come true. Ghostbusters VR Academy, the new location-based VR training experience, will continue to expand the world of Ghostbusters in a way that honors the legacy of the franchise and offers something entirely new.

For the first time ever, players will be able to train to be a real Ghostbuster in an amazing academy setting and race a new flying version of the ECTO using HOLOGATE’s vehicle motion simulator. This fantasy fulfilling experience is only possible in virtual reality and with HOLOGATE’s location-based entertainment technology.

Press Release

Currently, Ghostbusters VR Academy is set to release before the end of 2022. As for Ghostbusters VR, expect that sometime in the future.

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