Gjallarhorn Nerf Blaster 3

Bungie Announces Limited Edition Gjallarhorn Nerf Blaster

While Destiny players are quite familiar with nerfs and what happened with Gjallarhorn, Bungie decided to take this meta joke to the next level by collaborating with Nerf and making a literal Gjallarhorn Nerf Blaster.

The upcoming Gjallarhorn Nerf Blaster comes with three Nerf Mega shells and nine Nerf Mega darts, though Bungie notes you’ll need to bring your own AA batteries. In addition to that, it will come in a special package that honors both brands and is sure to make a sweet collector’s item, assuming you’re willing to spend the $160 asking price.

Those interested will have to wait until late 2022 to preorder this collectible. However, those with the 30th Anniversary DLC and unlock the gun in Destiny 2 by Aug. 01, 2022, will have first crack at it.

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