Destiny 2 Episode Revenant Removes Weekly Story Beats Per Act 3454

Destiny 2 Episode Revenant Removes Weekly Story Beats Per Act

Bungie surprised players by confirming Destiny 2‘s next episode, Revenant, will remove the weekly story beats with each act.

Instead of having the story spread across two, or three weeks, players will be able to enjoy the entire act in a single go. This was in response to a large number of complaints from players that expected this change with the new act structure.

For our next Episode, Revenant, each Act’s entire story will be available to play as it launches instead of week to week. 

Our goal is to give players an opportunity to play at their own pace. We’ll be monitoring feedback when these changes go live. 

We’d also like to note specifically that Episode: Echoes will continue to have weekly story beats for Act 2 and Act 3.


Unfortunately, Bungie also confirmed the current episode, Echoes, will retain this structure. This is likely due to it already being planned around it, and something they cannot easily change.

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