Keylocker is Coming to PS5 and Nintendo Switch; PC Demo Now Available 34534

Keylocker is Coming to PS5 and Nintendo Switch; PC Demo Now Available

Moonana Games and Serenity Forge confirmed Keylocker is coming to PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. This is in addition to the previously confirmed Xbox Series, and PC releases.

Those who can’t wait to experience Keylocker can also now download a demo via Steam.

More information about Keylocker can be found below.

Keylocker Overview

Keylocker is a Cyberpunk turn based rhythm JRPG inspired by the Mario&Luigi RPG seriesand Chrono Trigger, in which you play as the singer and songwriter, B0B0. Fuel your moves with the electric power of music in this unforgiving planet by using real-time execution of moves in rhythm game style! Battle the authorities, unlock the secrets of Saturn, play on your own bands’ concerts and hack into the network to bring an end to this corrupt system, for better or worse.


  • Choose your path as a cyberpunk rebel, each with its own unique skill tree and storyline.
  • Control Electricity with your own music! Transform it into attack or defense as needed, swapping between different movesets and tactics.
  • Classic Turn Based Combat with a twist: Real Time execution of moves in rhythm game style, aim your shots, time your attacks, parry and block your enemies in this unforgiving planet.
  • No Random-Encounters; fight your enemies head-on with seamless in world battles inspired by Chrono Trigger.
  • Befriend the citizens, or betray them, hacking into their profiles to acquire resources or to change the course of the story with multiple endings.
  • Play with your band to the friends you made at the Music Show minigame, featuring compositions by Elektrobear (Momodora, Virgo Versus The Zodiac), voiced by Psamathes.
  • But watch out on the Danger Meter! The all-ears church-police will certainly come after devious denizens who do not respect the Law of Silence.
  • Completely customize your characters with a great variety of equipment; unlock special Talents using the Keys harvested from enemies you DELETE in combat.
  • Unique interactions with every object of the world: exploring Saturn can lead to secrets, rewards or entire pieces of knowledge about the planet.


| Saturn, Anno 801. |
| Music is banned for 141 years now. |
B0B0 is one of the Doppelgangers, twins born as perfect human beings fit to obey the purpose of the caste they were assigned to. Her purpose is to serve in the lowest caste for the prosperity of Saturn, but B0B0 doesn’t quite agree to that. Amidst a revolution against the Saturnian Satellites, the ultimate form of law, B0B0 hears news of a newfound music robot that’ll fit right in her illegal band as a drummer. Rebelling against the corrupt system using music is the only thing she knows how to do well and she only needed a drummer to join her pack of misfits. With every piece in place, she’s out to break some laws, and discover the truth behind the essence of music, the Keylocker.

Steam Listing

Keylocker is currently set to release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC later this year.

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