Sony Forms New Studio with Ex-Deviation Games Staff

Sony Forms New Studio with Ex-Deviation Games Staff

Sony has taken a step to expand its PlayStation universe by setting up a new studio with former employees from the recently closed Deviation Games. The closure of Deviation Games, a studio once bolstered by veteran Call of Duty developers, did not dampen the spirits of its team. Many have now regrouped under the Sony banner to work on an exciting, undisclosed new IP.

Michael Anthony, a former Deviation Games developer, shared the news on LinkedIn. “A lot of previous Deviation Games employees have set up their own studio at Sony working on an undisclosed new IP,” Anthony said. His post has sparked curiosity and hope among gaming fans, particularly about the potential return of high-quality shooter games that Deviation was known for.

Sony Forms New Studio with Ex-Deviation Games Staff

The formation of this new studio follows the closure of Deviation Games, which despite having the backing of Sony, faced significant operational hurdles that led to its shutdown. The exact name of the new studio remains under wraps, but the involvement of Jason Blundell, a co-founder at Deviation, suggests that the project is in experienced hands.

The gaming community is abuzz with speculation that this new team could bring forward some of the dynamic and energetic elements from Deviation’s unreleased projects. With a history of creating compelling content, expectations are high for what could be next from this team now nested within Sony’s creative ecosystem.

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