Resident Evil 9 Delayed to 2025 or 2026, Say Insiders

Resident Evil 9 Delayed to 2025 or 2026, Say Insiders

Resident Evil 9 has been delayed, according to recent reports from reliable sources. Initially, the game was expected to launch in early 2025, but insiders now suggest a release in late 2025 or 2026.

One of the most trusted leakers, known as Dusk Golem, shared this update. He mentioned on Twitter that Capcom’s plans for Resident Evil 9 have shifted, pushing the release back. Dusk Golem had previously indicated an early 2025 release, but recent developments have altered these expectations.

Capcom has not officially confirmed these details, but the delay seems likely. The company is reportedly working on multiple projects, including remakes of Resident Evil Zero and Code Veronica. This busy schedule may have contributed to the delay of Resident Evil 9.

Fans were hoping for a reveal in 2024, but this too might be postponed. Capcom aims to deliver a high-quality game, and the extra time could ensure Resident Evil 9 meets the series’ standards. The game is rumored to introduce new concepts, including open-world survival horror elements.

Despite the delay, the excitement around Resident Evil remains high. The series has consistently delivered successful titles, and fans are willing to wait for another exceptional installment.

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