MultiVersus is Now Available; Agent Smith Early Unlock Event Revealed 34534

MultiVersus is Now Available; Agent Smith Early Unlock Event Revealed

After taking a long break to improve things, MultiVersus is back when a number of exciting events.

Among them is a special event that unlocks Agent Smith “two weeks” prior to his official unlock. This asks players to complete newly added Rift modes, with 20 giving the characters. In addition to unlocking him, 3000 Fighter Currency, Agent Smith related cosmetics, and a total of five “Matrix Code” costumes can be obtained.

MultiVersus is Now Available; Agent Smith Early Unlock Event Revealed  3454

A special Joker event is also available that gives a special Wonder Woman skin. This can be completed along with the Welcome Back Daily Login, which gives resources, plus a Velma and Superman skin.

As previously revealed, all returning players will get the first season for free. This immediately unlocks Jason Voorhees, and enough premium currency to unlock the next season. Banana Guard can also be unlocked by logging in two days, with the special female Banana Guard unlocking at seven.

While there is a lot of things to be excited for, the relaunch was met with mixed reactions. A lot of this stemmed from changes made with the rerelease. Reddit user sloppybuttons compiled a list of changes the community noticed with the new release.


  • No more grounded neutral air.
  • The camera zooms in far too often.
  • No leaderboards.
  • No after-battle report aka “damage done” “ringouts”
  • You can’t see who accepted/declined a rematch.


  • No more Co-op VS AI
  • No offline play


  • You can no longer play as characters you don’t own in local play and training
  • You can’t change your controller settings in the training room anymore
  • More full loading screens when changing settings / start positions
  • No advanced tutorial mode

Economy / Progression

  • No more cheaper characters (e.g. Garnet, Taz) for 1500 – every character is 3-6k
  • No non-Gleamium skins
  • No more battle pass xp after every match. We can only level up the battle pass from challenges now.
  • No “toast back” if someone toasts you after you’ve left the post-match screen.


  • No option to remove team colors in battle
  • No ability to swap neutral and side attacks
  • Can’t remove or lower buffering of inputs
  • Can’t change the game’s language in the settings

It’s not clear if certain things were changed to meet the new deadline, but hopefully they will be addressed in the future.

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