Helldivers 2 Director Believes Live Service is a Good Thing

Helldivers 2 Director Believes Live Service is a Good Thing

Helldivers 2 game director Johan Pilestedt emphasizes that live service games can benefit the industry, but only if done correctly. Speaking at the recent Nordic Game conference in Sweden, Pilestedt stated, “Live service is a good thing for the games industry – if it’s done right.” He stressed the importance of not charging $70 upfront and then adding microtransaction skins, which he believes is unfair to players.

Pilestedt, who recently transitioned from Arrowhead Game Studios CEO to chief creative officer, explained that live service games should enhance the player’s experience. He highlighted that these games should be a “continuous hobby” that allows players to enjoy more content from the games they love.

Over the years, many live service games have faced criticism for their monetization practices. Pilestedt used Blizzard’s Diablo 4 as an example, which charged $30 for new portal colors despite an initial $70 price tag. He noted that such practices harm the live service model and disservice players.

Helldivers 2, which has found success with a lower price point and cosmetic unlocks, serves as a positive example. Pilestedt concluded by urging developers to prioritize player value over profit, ensuring that live service games are both enjoyable and fair.

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