EA Considers Adding Ads in AAA Games

EA Considers Adding Ads in AAA Games

Electronic Arts (EA) is stirring up discussions with plans to introduce advertisements into their top-tier games, possibly impacting fan favorites like Battlefield. During a recent earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson hinted at incorporating ads to foster growth, without setting a definitive timeline. He described this move as potentially beneficial for the community and games, emphasizing that ads would be integrated thoughtfully into gaming experiences.

EA aims to harness advertising as a growth driver, particularly in community-focused areas beyond traditional gaming. The approach might include natural placements within games, like digital billboards in sports or racing games. This method has been previously seen in EA’s Need for Speed series.

EA Considers Adding Ads in AAA Games

However, the integration of ads in games like Battlefield, known for immersive single and multiplayer experiences, raises concerns. Wilson’s plans come after some challenging releases within the series, although he remains optimistic about the future, promising the largest team ever for the upcoming Battlefield games.

Past attempts by EA to include ads have met with backlash, such as the full-screen ads in 2020’s UFC 4, which were removed after fan protests. As gaming costs rise, EA views ads as a way to avoid increasing game prices, which might be a relief to players worried about spending more. Yet, it’s clear from past incidents that if players find ads intrusive, EA will likely face significant pushback.

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