Lost Soul Aside Still On Track As Release Date Pushes Past 2024

Lost Soul Aside Still On Track As Release Date Pushes Past 2024

Excitement for the action game Lost Soul Aside continues despite missing its early 2024 release window. Initially a solo project that Sony later picked up, the game has been in the works for about seven years. With each update, it has shown more promise, shifting its focus to PS5 and PC and leaving the PS4 version behind.

Recently, both fans and the media have sought updates from Sony or UltiZero Games. A brief message from producer Yang Bing on the China Hero Project Twitter hinted at future updates, though specifics were scarce. “Hello from Lost Soul Aside Producer – Yang Bing. And we will share more about this WIP title later,” the post read, keeping hope alive but details thin.

Similarly, UltiZero Games reassured that more information on this eagerly anticipated project, blending elements of Final Fantasy and Devil May Cry, would eventually be shared. Despite the long wait and the lack of substantial news, the confirmation that Lost Soul Aside is still in development for PS5 and PC offers a glimmer of hope to its following.

As fans eagerly anticipate the next showcase, the commitment to continue development is clear. Yet, the absence of a concrete release date leaves many wondering when they will finally get to experience the game’s thrilling combat and expansive world. The promise of more details to come has kept the excitement alive, but also heightens the anticipation for what’s next.

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