Ubisoft Removes The Crew from Players' Accounts

Ubisoft Removes The Crew from Players’ Accounts

In a controversial move, Ubisoft has started to remove The Crew from the libraries of players who bought it digitally, leaving many gamers unable to even launch the game they paid for. The game, which requires an online connection to play, has seen its servers shut down as of March 31, 2024. This decision has sparked a lot of criticism, as the game was also delisted from online stores, preventing any future downloads or purchases.

Many Ubisoft Connect users have reported that The Crew is now missing from their collections. When they try to start the game, an error message pops up, indicating the game cannot be accessed. This has frustrated players, who believe they should still have access to their digital purchases, playable or not.

To make matters more complex, Ubisoft did issue refunds for recent purchases of The Crew when they announced the server shutdown. However, those who bought the game years ago were left without such compensation. Discussions on platforms like Reddit reveal that while some managed to get refunds, many are disappointed about not being able to set up private servers due to the game’s removal from their accounts.

As a response to the void left by The Crew, Ubisoft is pushing the newer titles in the series, The Crew 2 and The Crew Motorfest, as alternatives. Despite this, the removal of The Crew marks a significant moment highlighting the impermanence of digital game ownership and raises concerns about the future of digital media in gaming.

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