Sea of Thieves Reportedly Tests Multiplatform Potential on PS5

Sea of Thieves Reportedly Tests Multiplatform Potential on PS5

Xbox is shaking up the gaming world by exploring new horizons. The company is making waves with its decision to introduce some of its exclusive games to the PlayStation 5. At the heart of this strategy is Sea of Thieves, a game that has already captured players’ attention on the PlayStation store. It’s topping pre-order charts, signaling a strong interest from gamers across platforms.

This move by Xbox aims to test the waters for its games on different hardware. The idea is to see if there’s a demand for Xbox titles outside its native console ecosystem. This approach could redefine how Xbox shares its blockbuster games, traditionally exclusive to its own consoles.

Sea of Thieves isn’t just any game; it’s a major live service project by Xbox. Its success on the PS5 could lead Xbox to broaden its horizon, possibly bringing more live service titles to other platforms. Games like The Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout 76, and Call of Duty have already embraced a multiplatform presence. This trend might continue with future live-service games.

Interestingly, Xbox’s strategy includes more than just porting games. Reports suggest that new console launches, including a handheld device, are on the horizon for 2026. This shift in strategy underscores Xbox’s interest in diversifying its hardware offerings, moving beyond traditional console boundaries.

As Sea of Thieves gears up for a significant PS5 launch, the gaming community watches eagerly. This could be a pivotal moment for Xbox, testing its ability to captivate a broader audience. Only time will reveal the full impact of Xbox’s bold move into multiplatform gaming.

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