Players Favored Classic Games Over New Releases in 2023

Players Favored Classic Games Over New Releases in 2023

In 2023, players gravitated towards familiar favorites in the gaming world. A study by Newzoo revealed that the gaming industry grew by 2.6%, reaching $93.5 billion. However, this growth favored a small circle of developers and publishers. The data showed that games like Fortnite, GTA V, League of Legends, Minecraft, and Roblox dominated, making up 27% of all gaming time. Interestingly, 60% of playtime was dedicated to games six years old or older.

The study also highlighted a challenge for new games trying to carve out a space. With players investing their time in established franchises and live-service games, newer titles struggled to gain traction. Only 8% of gaming time was spent on new, non-annual releases, such as Diablo IV and Baldur’s Gate III. Annual sequels like the latest Madden or FIFA games still captured attention, but the dominance of older, evergreen titles was clear.

Newzoo’s report points to a gaming landscape where old favorites reign supreme. The top ten games across platforms were mostly older, established titles, with Fortnite leading the pack. Only one new single-player game, Starfield, broke into the top ten on consoles. This trend underscores the growing challenge for new games to attract players in a market filled with beloved, enduring games.

The industry’s direction suggests that success may increasingly depend on engaging with existing fanbases and tapping into the longevity of proven hits.

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