Leaked Images Reveal Sleek White Xbox Series X Digital Edition

Leaked Images Reveal Sleek White Xbox Series X Digital Edition

Leaked photos of the new Xbox Series X Digital edition have surfaced online, showcasing a sleek, white design exclusive to digital gaming. This console version mirrors the classic model in almost every aspect.

The digital refresh of the Series X model, set for a 2024 release, came to light through a massive Microsoft documentation leak last year amid a legal battle with the Federal Trade Commission. The launch was hinted to be between June and July 2024.

Exputer, a news outlet, published the leaked console images, which were reportedly received via email from a leaker. Despite the images’ low quality, it’s clear there’s little change in design. The Xbox Series X Digital essentially remains the Xbox Series X but in white and lacks a disc slot, maintaining all other external features the same. However, increased radiator size, as suggested by previous leaks, should enhance cooling efficiency.

Surprisingly, the console doesn’t adopt a cylindrical shape, contradicting speculative designs from earlier Microsoft documents, including the so-called “Xbox Brooklin.” The anticipated USB-C front port, improved Wi-Fi receiver, and refreshed controller seem absent, indicating significant deviations from the original internal presentation plans.

The Xbox Series X Digital version represents a straightforward adaptation of the existing console, catering to a digital-only audience with its familiar yet distinct appearance.

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