Immortals of Aveum and More Are Included with PlayStation Plus in April 2024 234423

Immortals of Aveum and More Are Included with PlayStation Plus in April 2024

Sony revealed the three games included with PlayStation Plus Essential in April 2024, which includes Immortals of Aveum and more.

For those who missed Immortals of Aveum, it was an interesting single player first person magic game. Essentially, it was a first person shooter, but instead of using guns there were magical abilities. It was an interesting game, that boasted an okay story, which is well worth checking out next month. It also marks one of the fastest turnarounds for a larger game, as it released Aug. 2023.

Joining it is Minecraft Legends for PlayStation 4/5. While not quite the Minecraft game everyone loves, Minecraft Legends is an action strategy experience set in the uniquely designed world. Up to eight players can work together to defend your settlement, or attack an opposing forces.

Rounding out the month is Skul: The Hero Slayer for PlayStation 4. This 2D action platformer with roguelike elements asks players to attack the Demon King’s castle against ever changing threats. Despite the simple premise, it boasts a solid 83 score on Open Critic, with 93 percent of critics recommending it. Should be well worth it if you’re into this type of experience.

Finally, a special Overwatch 2 bundle will be available to all PlayStation Plus subscribers. It includes Legendary Beekeeper Sigma, Legendary Art Deco Symmetra, seven Epic Skins, and five Battle Pass Tier Skips.

Expect all of this on Apr. 2, and if you haven’t already, don’t forget to grab last month’s games before they go away.

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