Various Leakers Suggest Several Microsoft Titles to go Multiplatform 3453

Various Leakers Suggest Several Microsoft Titles to go Multiplatform

For a while there were rumors indicating Hi-Fi Rush was coming to PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

This was announcement expected during the recent Xbox event, followed by speculation it was part of Sony’s State of Play. While neither happened, blue and red shirts were found in the files as part of an upcoming first anniversary event. These colors suggesting PlayStation (blue), and Nintendo Switch (red).

Despite nothing being confirmed thus far, a number of insiders, and outlets, unexpectedly shared information that Microsoft might be heading in a new direction with their first party titles.

Noted leaker and Managing Editor for Windows Central, Jez Corden, started the landslide by mentioning Microsoft is going in a new direction with Xbox titles.

Microsoft has essentially decided they aren’t going to make enough money with the current strategy. They want to build healthier margins and cash flow using Sony’s install base, to then reinvest in growing the Xbox ecosystem using that money.

Corden via X

Among the possible titles is Starfield, which XboxEra reported is coming to PlayStation 5. Notable leaker Nate the Hate collaborated this report noting Starfield would come following the “expansion DLC’s” release on Xbox/PC.

Shortly after Xbox YouTuber, Rand al Thor 19 added it’s the first of many, and some will “shock you.”

While the shocking titles are anyone’s guess, The Verge posted an article saying Indiana Jones and the Great Circle might release on PlayStation 5 at some point following the Xbox release. Their source claims Microsoft is apparently considering it, though nothing is currently set in stone.

Video Games Chronicle Editor, Andy Robinson, threw their hat in saying they expected this strategy, and have heard reports of more titles coming than reported.

While time will tell, given the overwhelming amount of conversation I wouldn’t be surprised if this is revealed sooner rather than later.

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