Islands of Insight Brings Sublime Puzzle-Solving to a PC Near You Starting Today

Lunarch Studios has put out a call to all puzzle fans with their shared-world game, Islands of Insight. Starting today, players can take on the role of a Seeker as they embark on Path of Discovering, immersing themselves in the rich landscapes teeming with over 10,000 puzzles.

Don’t be too intimidated by that number; Islands of Insight does a fine job of enabling players to move at their own pace across the five distinct biomes and tackle the variety of puzzles as they see fit. In fact, if you want a deeper explanation of how the game plays, be sure to check out our hands-on preview from late last year. Spoiler alert: we are a fan of what we played.

CEO and Game Director at Lunarch Studios has welcomed prospective Seekers with the following statement:

We’re so thrilled for players to finally be able to experience all the beautiful areas and fascinating puzzles in Islands of Insight. We wanted to create a different kind of puzzle-focused adventure with Islands of Insight — something new and surprising that any player can pick up and enjoy. We can’t wait to hear what player think.

Islands of Insight officially launches today on PC via Steam and carries a base price of $29.99. However, that price is affixed to the standard edition of this puzzle-packed journey. A deluxe edition is also being offered up for an extra ten bucks and brings the following bonuses:

  • Sterling Cosmetic Set:
    • 2 x Costumes, Gloves and Headpieces
    • Wings and Trails
  • Desktop and mobile wallpapers

To sweeten the deal, anyone who buys the deluxe edition by February 20th will enjoy a 10% discount on the total cost. If you’ve been looking for something to shake up the normal game rotation and stimulate your mind, Islands of Insight could very well be your surprise hit.

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