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Kojima Productions Partners with A24 for Death Stranding Movie

Kojima Productions revealed their partnership with A24 to create a movie based off the hit game, Death Stranding.

Details are limited, but the following blog post was made following the announcement.

A24, the studio behind Academy Award winning films such as Everything Everywhere All At Once has announced a collaboration with KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS to adapt Hideo Kojima’s acclaimed video game, DEATH STRANDING, into a live-action feature film. 

The announcement comes ahead of KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS, 8th Anniversary on 16th December marking a new milestone in video game to film adaptations. The film promises to delve into the mysteries surrounding the apocalyptic event called the “Death Stranding”, which blurred the lines between life and death, and brought forth nightmarish creatures into a world on the brink of collapse.  

Hailed as the architect of the stealth genre and a pioneer in interactive storytelling, Hideo Kojima continually shifts the boundaries between film and game. Widely considered the father of the stealth genre, he is also credited with innovating both story-telling and cinematic presentation in video games at large. In 2020, Hideo Kojima received the BAFTA Fellowship, the highest accolade bestowed by BAFTA upon an individual in recognition of exceptional contribution to film, games or television.

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The same post also included a quote from Hideo Kojima on the partnership.

A24 was born into this world about 10 years ago, their presence is singular within the industry, they are like no other. The films they are delivering to the world are high in quality and very innovative. I have been attracted to their creations and they have even inspired my own work. Their innovative approach to storytelling aligns with what Kojima Productions has been doing for the last 8 years. Now, we are making a Death Stranding movie together. There are a lot of “game adaptation films” out there but what we are creating is not just a direct translation of the game. The intention is that our audience will not only be fans of the games, but our film will be for anyone who loves cinema. We are creating a Death Stranding universe that has never been seen before, achievable only through the medium of film, it will be born.

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While we will likely have to wait to see A24’s take on the fascinating experience known as Death Stranding, fans of both can enjoy the upcoming documentary next spring via Disney+. This was revealed the other day, along with some interesting details about the experience.

Embark on a compelling behind-the-scenes odyssey as HIDEO KOJIMA: CONNECTING WORLDS unveils the visionary mind of Hideo Kojima, weaving the intricate creative threads that birthed a groundbreaking game and reshaped the landscape of interactive storytelling.

This visually captivating documentary gives a rare insight into Hideo Kojima’s creative process as he launches his own independent studio and creates the groundbreaking game DEATH STRANDING. Featuring contributions from visionary artists such as George Miller, Guillermo del Toro, Nicholas Winding Refn, Grimes, Norman Reedus, Woodkid, Chvrches and many others, this thoughtful film explores the power and potential of video games as an art form through the work of an influential talent revered by millions worldwide. It is directed by Glen Milner and produced by Ben Hilton for Filmworks, London..

HIDEO KOJIMA: CONNECTING WORLDS had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York in June and will officially debut on Disney+, Disney’s official video distribution service. More details on the release date of HIDEO KOJIMA: CONNECTING WORLDS will be available soon.

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In this trailer, we see various creators recounting about Hideo Kojima. Norman Reedus looks back at experiences he had while working together; George Miller and Nicolas Winding Refn acknowledge his courage to always challenge and take risks; and Guillermo del Toro emphasizes his creativity as a storyteller.

Press Release
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