Destiny 2: Legacy Collection Currently Available for Free via Epic Game Store 345

Destiny 2: Legacy Collection Currently Available for Free via Epic Game Store

Epic Games is currently offering Destiny 2: Legacy Collection for free until Dec. 20.

The collection, which includes Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and The Witch Queen, is a fantastic pick up for practically any player. Not only will it give players more options if they choose to play on PC, something I’ve gotten more into with the rise of Steam Deck and similar devices, it helps get specific loot.

For those unaware, even if you can’t play these expansions on other platforms, the loot can be shared via cross-save. This was a massive benefit we noted during the previous event where players could freely access any expansion.

A lot of these expansions can be played strictly for their notable item, and then have immediate access to these goodies on other platforms. While we suggest using the guide for an expanded view, gaining access to Witherhoard, Assassin’s Cowl, Cuirass of the Falling Star, are just among the options you can unlock.

Best of all, many of these options are locked behind fairly accessible means. Anyone with every engram exotic will immediately gain anything missing on the PC version. Likewise, anything that uses an exotic cypher can be obtained through some quick exotic missions, followed by redeeming on a computer.

Even those without a computer able to run it can obtain the resources for multiple items and redeem them through GeForce Now. It really is a great option for anyone missing those expansions and should not be missed, even if you don’t currently have the means to enjoy them.

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