Fractured Online Returns to Steam for a Second Chance

Fractured Online Returns to Steam for a Second Chance

Fractured Online is a Kickstarted MMO that stumbled through its launch, failing to generate the buzz it needed and was eventually removed from Steam this past January. The game’s limbo status was coupled with little in the way of communications from developer Dynamight Studios, although it was quite clear that resources had run thin — the issue of support was only furthered by the developer’s separation from publisher Gamigo. Now, after months of uncertainty, Fractured Online has made its way back to Valve’s storefront.

As of today, November 8th, players can once again purchase Fractured Online (at a 20% discount for the first week) on Steam and dive into the fantasy MMORPG. Dynamight assures prospective buyers and returning players that much has been added and refined since the game’s delisting. Character progression and crafting systems have been revamped; the much-maligned charisma attribute has been replaced with wisdom; and “hundreds of bug fixes and quality-of-life changes” are now live.

Dynamight Studios plans to release videos in the very near future showing off their improvements to the troubled MMO. Fractured Online isn’t in the clear yet, but it may be venturing into a stronger start than when it last attempted this journey. Of course, feedback from the community will be taken into account as the game progresses and there are plans to further detail their impending development goals, one of which is finally making the Demon race playable.

You can read more about Fractured Online as well as purchase it here.

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