Quantum Error Breaks Even Before Release; Xbox Version Still in Limbo 34534

Quantum Error Breaks Even Before Release; Xbox Version Still in Limbo

TeamKill Media confirmed their upcoming shooter, Quantum Error, has broken even based off preorder numbers alone.

This was revealed with a number of interesting details about the upcoming shooter. These include comments on trophy difficulty and more.

We want to give everyone who has pre-ordered Quantum Error the biggest thank you and hug ever!

As of last night we have made back our budget we put into the game over it’s development time on digital pre-orders alone! All of you are the best and we can’t wait for you to play QE!

Oh yeah, the platinum is pretty challenging, there are 45 trophies including the platinum, there are many collectibles tied to trophies and the top 4 difficulties give trophies. If your a trophy hunter it’s a fun time but it is difficult

Part 2 is already in the works


Despite the positive news, including confirmation a sequel is in works, it’s not all good news for Quantum Error.

Despite news of a sequel, there is no estimated time of arrival for the Xbox Series version. These troubles were not unexpected, given the PlayStation 4 version was cancelled and there were struggles with Xbox Series S.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Quantum Error‘s small number of early reviews are not optimistic. At the time of posting Open Critic sits at 48, with Metacritic featuring a few more reviews that bring the average down to 47.

Said reviews praise what the small team was able to accomplish, though criticize practically every aspect of the experience. It will be interesting to see what users feel when early access goes live tomorrow.

Hopefully long term things will improve for Quantum Error and it won’t go down as one of the, if not the lowest, rated game in Nov. 2023.

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