Pearl Abyss Will End Extended Silence on Crimson Desert at Gamescom Opening Night Live

Pearl Abyss Will End Extended Silence on Crimson Desert at Gamescom Opening Night Live

Pearl Abyss may be well known for their MMO, Black Desert Online, but did you know they have had a single player RPG in the works for a while now? If you watched The Game Awards in 2020, you caught a roughly five-minute trailer of this title in action. That game is Crimson Desert, a sprawling open-world fantasy title spanning the lands of Pywel echoes the vibes of Game of Thrones.

While the game was originally set to launch at the end of 2021, it (obviously) missed the target. Last we heard, Crimson Desert was aiming for a Fall 2023 debut. Although that may be unlikely to still be the case, we will finally be seeing more of Pearl Abyss’ gritty adventure starring mercenary Macduff and his companions at Gamescom.

For a more fleshed out explanation to refresh your memory, here’s the overview from the developers themselves:

Pearl Abyss’ next flagship title, Crimson Desert is an upcoming open world action-adventure which will make a global release on both console and PC. Offering both a narrative-driven single player, which follows the story of the mercenary Macduff, and multiplayer where players can experience the game in their own way, Crimson Desert also aims to provide a unique experience by integrating its single-player and multiplayer gameplay together. An epic of survival with a focus on immersive storytelling and intense action, Crimson Desert follows a group of struggling mercenaries and the many characters who cross their paths in the vast continent of Pywel. This is a world where heroes are made, but not without incredible hardship, pain and perseverance.

The news was dropped by Geoff Keighley, who will be hosting Opening Night Live for the impending event. We have been promised a “brand new look at the gameplay.” No mention of finally cementing a true release date or confirming specific console platforms were mentioned, but one can hope that the announced gameplay trailer ends on such a note.

Tune in on August 22nd at 11AM PST/2PM EST to see how Crimson Desert has been shaping up over the years and, hopefully, when you can get your hands on it.

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