Rumor: Persona 3 Reload Trailer Lists Switch Version 2342

Rumor: Persona 3 Reload Trailer Lists Switch Version

Keeping with the trend of early reveals, it seems an unlisted Persona 3 Reload trailer confirmed the title is coming to Nintendo Switch.

The trailer was anonymously shared with YouTuber FazPersona, who tweeted an image of the description that mentions Nintendo Switch as a platform.

Following their tweet Nintendo Switch was removed from the description, though multiple YouTube comments indicate it was actually there at one point. While this would normally confirm Nintendo Switch as a platform, something that people have expected given Play-Asia and other sites listed it at one point, it’s curiously mentioned in the description, but not the video itself. What this means is anyone’s guess, though it seems to fall in line with rumors of an upcoming Nintendo Direct.

Similar things happened with the last batch of Persona games, though it’s important to remember this is just speculation and could just as easily be a mistake by whomever uploaded the video.

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