Destiny 2: The Final Shape's Teaser Trailer Accomplishes a Lot in Just a Minute 1

Destiny 2: The Final Shape’s Teaser Trailer Accomplishes a Lot in Just a Minute

Only a day after Destiny 2: Lightfalls second season started, did Bungie shock players by teasing the final chapter in the Light & Darkness saga.

The trailer, which we suggest watching before finishing this article, manages to shock fans by showing and spoiling next to nothing. It starts with Ikora seeming talking to herself before it’s revealed Cayde-6 is present. A press release sent shortly after confirmed Cayde-6 role will be reprised by Nathan Fillion.

Players looking for more information will have to wait until Aug. 22 when Bungie will hold a Destiny Showcase. This livestream is set to have multiple developers reveal what players can expect from The Final Shape, and future of the franchise. However, really impatient players can check out this leak which gained some credibility with Cayde-6’s return.

Bungie CEO, Pete Parsons, also added the following comment about the final chapter in this saga.

This is a momentous time for Bungie, as we continue our evolution into a multi-game studio.

More than thirty years of passion for creating incredible games has led us here and will push us into the future. We have a tremendous amount of work ahead, including continuing to build our Marathon development team and supporting Destiny for years to come. With our partners at PlayStation, we’re working to make our bold vision of Bungie as a true entertainment company a reality, while never forgetting our core mission: building worlds that inspire friendship.

Bungie Press Release

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