Bungie Reveals Marathon as Their Next Game 1

Bungie Reveals Marathon as Their Next Game

While most will be talking about the Destiny 2: The Final Shape teaser trailer, Bungie also revealed Marathon for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC.

Bungie describes Marathon as a PVP-focused sci-fi extraction shooter set on the planet of Tau Ceti IV. Players inhabit Runners, cybernetic mercenaries that are able to survive the harsh conditions of Tau Ceti IV. They’re looking for a lost colony that previously inhabited the planet. A team of up to three players will search for alien artifacts, valuable loot, and new weapons to accomplish their task.

While no release date was revealed, Bungie confirmed Marathon will support cross-play and cross-save functionality.

Marathon General Manager, Scott Taylor, also offered the following insight into this adventure.

Marathon is the start of an amazing journey for Bungie, one that is inspired by our studio’s legendary history while pushing boldly into the future.

We’re taking all of the lessons that we’ve learned from more than 30 years of creating amazing worlds and innovative PvP experiences and putting them into a game that looks, sounds, and plays like nothing Bungie has ever made.

Bungie Press Release

Marathon Game Direction, Christopher Barrett, continued with the following comment.

Even at this stage of development, it’s incredible to watch the creativity and excitement around the game at Bungie.

The team is committed to creating a PvP-first gameplay experience full of tension and excitement, all set in a persistent, dynamic, narratively rich online world where players’ actions have ramifications on each unfolding season.

Bungie Press Release

Expect more information about Marathon sometime in the future.

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