Celebrate May 4 with a Special Star Wars PlayStation Stars Collectible 1

Celebrate May 4 with a Special Star Wars PlayStation Stars Collectible

Sony released a special BD-1 PlayStation Stars collectible in honor of Star Wars day.

The day, which is May 4, was decided due to it sounding like the iconic phrase, may the Force be with you. It’s a fun day that many are familiar with, and typically comes with a number of exciting details and reveals.

To earn this collectible you just need to play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on your PlayStation 5. While Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s current performance is something of a hot button issue, one EA already confirmed will be addressed and the most recent patch has made progress towards, you have 60 days to complete this campaign. This is very different from the other celebrations Sony does, which typically must be completed on the day in question.

At the time of posting we can also confirm the collectible is not unlocking for certain people. I was not able to unlock it, with a few reports indicating the same. If you have issues unlocking it, simply try again at a different time. That, or sometimes time, is all you need to do to unlock it.

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