Die After Sunset Announced for PS5, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch 1

Die After Sunset Announced for PS5, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch

PQube announced their roguelite shooter Die After Sunset will release for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch later this year.

Die After Sunset released on Feb. 11 on Steam through Early Access. PQube notes the console versions will be the “full release,” which an accompanying update gave some insight on.

Since we launch in Early Access last year, we’ve been working on lots of changes, gearing up for the full release!

In Die After Sunset, Earth is under attack by aliens known as the ‘Murkors’, and it’s up to you to lead the resistance against them. With three unique play styles to choose from, including sharp-shooter ‘April’, machine-gun spraying cyborg ‘Rido’, and the finger-lazor zapping ‘Hune’, you’ll be able to take on these invaders in a way that suits you best.

Travel through time and save the world across five gigantic levels, each set in a different era, and fight off never-ending waves of Murkors in a sun-lit shooting frenzy. But beware, when the Murkors enter the shadows, they become stronger and scarier! Each run in Die After Sunset is unique, with 19 in-game missions that are randomly populated every time you start a new run. Experiment with hundreds of item combinations to discover new ways to power up and become stronger than ever before.

And if you fall in battle, don’t worry, death is only the beginning! Return to the fight, levelled-up and stronger with each new run! Use in-game currency, “Mukus”, to power up your stats, grab new items, and unlock even more weapons and powers by completing challenges.

Die After Sunset is a vibrant roguelite shooter that offers never-ending target practice and adrenaline-fueled shooting frenzy. The full 1.0 release is coming out later this year, so keep an eye out for it on Steam!

Steam Update

Expect more information as we get closer to the full release later this year.

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