Meet Your Maker 3 Month Post-Launch Roadmap Released

Meet Your Maker 3 Month Post-Launch Roadmap Released

Behaviour Interactive revealed what players can expect from the first three months of Meet Your Maker.

The roadmap includes a free decoration pack, additional mods and augments, with a major content update coming in June.

New Deco Pack: Hellscape (Free / Instant Access)

A few weeks after launch, Meet Your Maker will inject a totally new aesthetic into the game with the addition of the Hellscape Deco Pack, a free Deco Pack update.

Combining organic matter and industrial materials to eerie effect, pulsing animations and sinister lighting will make players feel as though they’re raiding inside a living organism.

The Hellscape Deco Pack includes: 

  • 2 Blocks (each available in 3 shapes)
  • 2 Props 
  • 1 Animated Prop
  • 8 Decals 

New Mods and Augments (Free / Unlockable with playtime)

Rolling out as multiple releases over Meet Your Maker’s first several months, players will be able to unlock new Mod and Augment additions for existing traps and guards. Each new Mod or Augment will be added directly to the trap or guard Advisor station and will be unlockable via playtime using in-game currency.

Builders will suddenly gain new ways to affect their traps and guards, giving them even more control over their setups and combos to outsmart Raiders. For Raiders, just when they think they’ve gotten things figured out, they’ll face more challenges to overcome.

Sector 1: Dreadshore includes:

1 New Environment (Free/Instant Access) 

1 New Deco Pack (Free/Instant Access) 

4 New Gameplay Elements (Unlockable via playtime or purchasable on PlayStation, Xbox, or Steam) 

  • Custodian + Perks* 
  • Weapon + Upgrades* 
  • Trap + Mods* 
  • Guard + Augments* 

1 New Cosmetic Collection (Purchasable on PlayStation, Xbox or Steam) 

Meet Your Maker Press Release

Creative Director, Ash Pannell, further explained things with the following comment.

We will also release 4 gameplay elements all of which are unlockable by playing Meet Your Maker. The items are a new Custodian with its Perks, a new Weapon with its Upgrades, a new Trap with its Mods and a new Guard with its Augments.

Each item is designed to shake up the game’s meta and will be themed to match the new Sector. Players will also be able to purchase these gameplay elements via platform stores.

Meet Your Maker Press Release

Meet Your Maker is set to release on Apr. 4 for PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series, and PC. PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download it for free as part of next month’s free games.

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