Destiny 2: Lightfall's Raid Will Have Contest Mode Active for 48 Hours 1

Destiny 2: Lightfall’s Raid Will Have Contest Mode Active for 48 Hours

Last month, Bungie confirmed Destiny 2: Lightfall‘s raid would release at reset on Friday Mar. 10. The choice was met with a fair amount of criticism, as many players would need to choose between chasing after the “day one” emblem, or go into work.

In a surprise tweet earlier today, Bungie confirmed the Destiny 2: Lightfall raid will have contest mode active for 48 hours. This would address concerns about Friday not working, while giving those not impacted some time to regroup, and try again. A follow up tweet went on to explain the reasoning behind the decision.

We are extending contest mode an additional day to allow teams pursuing the emblem more chances to take breaks, as well as allow anyone who has commitments on Friday to still have time to participate. More details will be available in a future TWAB.


While this is a massive win for those looking for the pinnacle in Destiny 2 achievements, the choice was met with some criticism. Certain players feel like this decision devalues the emblem, a concern that happened when Bungie extended the window for Vow of the Disciple, with others feeling like it’s an overcorrection.

For every player okay with Saturday contest mode raids, there was another looking forward to having the full weekend to experience the new raid at the “intended” difficulty. This increase means they’re back to just Sunday, potentially resulting in several players going a full week before they can fully experience the latest and greatest experience in Destiny 2: Lightfall.

Given the second tweet mentions more details will be available in a future This Week at Bungie, there is hope that Bungie will address these concerns in a way that makes both parties happy. Perhaps 24 hours with just contest, followed by another 24 with both contest and regular being active, or something along these lines. Whatever the answer might be, it’s great to see Bungie attempt to address these concerns that work for their player base.

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