Destiny 2 Fans Are Going Crazy Trying to Figure Out Telesto Mystery 1

Destiny 2 Fans Are Going Crazy Trying to Figure Out Telesto Mystery

Yesterday, Bungie surprised players by messing with one of Destiny 2‘s most infamous weapons, Telesto. The changes immediately gained interest, with players commenting on the sparks it now shot and mysterious firing pattern that apparently related to constellations.

The unusual changes made a sudden change today, with players being greeted to a welcome message mentioning Telesto is in control. Along with that, various sources related to Bungie/Destiny 2 started joining in on the fun. One tweet commented that players should let the age of Telesto begin, another from Destiny 2’s UK account encouraged players to keep shooting to discover Telesto’s true power, to even employees joining in on the fun.

Along with Bungie having some fun, the various communities also jumped at this opportunity. Trials Report added some Telesto images, Destiny Item Manager shows Telesto whenever you hover over a piece of gear, shows Telesto for every weapon, with even the various reddits offering their own spin on the event.

While many are trying to uncover a larger secret, Chris Shannon, global community lead at Bungie, suggests there is no puzzle to actually solve and they’re “working on a fix.”

As players debate whether or not Shannon’s comment should be taken at face value, one of the most common theories is the glitch is a playful attempt to showcase exotic reworks set for season 19. For example, today’s change is similar to Graviton Lance. This will likely become clear when Destiny 2 updates later today and/or when This Week at Bungie releases.

Whatever is going on seems to relate to some kind of event. Last season the emblem Schrödinger’s Gun was added to Destiny 2 with a glitched image of Telesto. The emblem was a common point of discussion, though as of this post, no method to unlock it was discovered.

Whatever the answer might be, it’s a mystery that has reignited the community similar to some of the iconic events, like the original Outbreak Prime quest. Something that, if nothing else, is a great way to get players interested in the next season.

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