Games to Look Forward to July 2022 1

Games to Look Forward to July 2022

With June now behind us, players are excited to see what new adventures wait this summer. While this is another slow-ish month, there are still a number of exciting titles and big release to look forward to. These include some rather ambitious titles, forgotten classics and more, so let’s dive in.


Normally when we write these articles I try to include some of the more unusual titles and Stray is easily the most unusual game releasing in July. With players controlling a cat, they must escape this neon colored city with their wits, tactics and stealth. Given every trailer has been an absolute delight and we’ve seen some rather successful games that follow unlikely protagonists, we’re hopeful. And, best of all, it’s included as part of PlayStation Plus’ Extra tier and above.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Switch owners have a few things to look forward to, but nothing more than Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The latest entry in the beloved franchise looks to be a substantial improvement and we’re excited to see what that means for players. Given the history though, it seems like a safe bet it will be one of the strongest titles to release this month.


In the past it was rather common for some games to remain in other regions. Among them is LIVE A LIVE, which has some rather impressive talent behind this unusually named title. With the remake improving the original, it looks to be the perfect time to give it a go.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Trials of the Dragon King Expansion

For those looking for a bit of chaos next month, Square Enix builds on Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin with a new expansion this month. This beefy update includes a new Job, weapons, accessories, equipment category and more. It sounds nice and something we’re hopeful for.


We previously covered Arcadegeddon when it first hit early access and were rather optimistic about the quirky shooter. It has a unique style, thrilling mechanics and while it was in rough shape, had plenty of time to grow like some other examples of early access done right. While we’re excited to see how the final product looks, it’s part of this months PlayStation Plus offerings and well worth giving a chance.

Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series

Growing up, Klonoa was one of the more interesting titles on PlayStation. It fell in a unique category as known, but somewhat forgotten, classics like Parappa the Rapper, making its return rather exciting. While it’s fair to say there will probably be some rough parts, it’s still going to be exciting for anyone hoping to revisit the past.

Hellpoint (Next-Gen/DLC)

We’re covered a lot of takes on the Soulsborne/Soul-like games and Hellpoint is easily one of the more interesting ones out there. Even if it’s really rough around the edges, it captures some of the finer points of the beloved genre, allowing it to stand out. Not only does it contain a fair amount of content, a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series version will release along with a new DLC, which looks to really build on the existing foundation to make for a really strong choice this month.

While these cover the main games for the month, if you think there is another one worth highlighting, please feel free to comment below.

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