Scorn Release Date Confirmed; Gameplay Trailer Released 1

Scorn Release Date Confirmed; Gameplay Trailer Released

Ebb Software revealed their first-person adventure game, Scorn, will terrify Xbox Series and PC players on Oct. 21, 2022. In time for the season, Scorn will also be available as part of Xbox Game Pass.

In addition to the reveal, Ebb Software sent out a brief press release commenting on the trailer:

Debuted during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase earlier today, the trailer centered on Scorn’s disturbing setting, a desolate hellscape once an industrial civilization that now lay in ruin. As players awaken isolated and lost within Scorn’s living labyrinth, they’re left to fend for themselves and find a way forward. Surrounded by visceral, fleshy contraptions and denizen creatures, every deadly encounter must be carefully considered with limited ammunition, health and resources. To unravel the mystery of the world around them, players will solve intricate puzzles on their search for unsettling answers and to slowly come to understand their existence.  

Scorn’s twisted and interconnected environments evoke a sense of dread uninterrupted by direct guidance, upholding a thrilling sense of discovery and encouraging thoughtful progression from players bold enough to brave Scorn’s tense and mysterious journey. Players must harness their intuition – and possibly the darkest parts of their minds – to reach new areas and earn new abilities in their fight to make it out of the bio labyrinth.  

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