FromSoftware Developers Eager for Bloodborne PC Release

FromSoftware Developers Eager for Bloodborne PC Release

FromSoftware, the creators behind the acclaimed Bloodborne, have expressed a strong desire for the game to be available on PC. Despite being a PlayStation exclusive for nearly a decade, both fans and developers want a PC port.

In a recent interview with PCGamer, FromSoftware’s Hidetaka Miyazaki acknowledged this demand. He mentioned that many developers at the studio are enthusiastic about the idea. Miyazaki humorously noted that if he openly supported the port, it might cause issues, but he is not against it.

FromSoftware Developers Eager for Bloodborne PC Release

The game, celebrated for its gothic horror elements, has a significant following. The PC community remains hopeful despite the long wait. Sony’s recent State of Play highlighted this demand, showing a continuing interest in the game. However, Sony has not yet responded to these calls.

Miyazaki shared that he would like to see more players experience Bloodborne. He believes it would be great for the game, which has become a classic, to reach a wider audience. This sentiment is echoed by fans who want to see the game preserved and accessible on modern hardware.

There have been rumors about a possible Bloodborne remaster or remake, which could lead to a PC port. However, these reports are speculative and should be taken cautiously. As it stands, the future of Bloodborne on PC remains uncertain, but the passion from both fans and developers keeps the hope alive.

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