Hades 2 Launch Doubles Original's Peak Players in One Day

Hades 2 Launch Doubles Original’s Peak Players in One Day

Hades 2, the latest release from Supergiant Games, has swiftly climbed to the top of Steam’s bestsellers list since its unexpected Early Access launch. Within just 24 hours, the game attracted over 79k players online simultaneously, a significant jump from the original Hades‘ peak player count.

In comparison, the first game had a lifetime peak of 37k concurrent players, showing the sequel has more than doubled the popularity of its predecessor. The game’s introduction to Steam, without an exclusive period on the Epic Games Store unlike the first title, likely contributed to this substantial player engagement.

Critics have already started praising Hades 2. Reviews point to excellent enhancements in the roguelite mechanics and engaging new character developments. Steam users echo this sentiment, with overwhelmingly positive feedback appearing in the early reviews.

With plans to stay in Early Access until at least the end of 2024, Supergiant Games promises regular updates for Hades 2, including new characters, features, and a conclusive ending. While a full release date and additional platform availability remain unannounced, the success of this Early Access period could hint at another hit for Supergiant Games.

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