Destiny 2 Finally Allows Players to Access their Vault in Orbit 34534

Destiny 2 Finally Allows Players to Access their Vault in Orbit

This week in Destiny confirmed Destiny 2 players will finally be able to access their vault while in Orbit.

This has been a rather common complaint since Destiny originally released. Services, such as Destiny Item Manager, have mitigated it, but there were multiple instances where Destiny 2‘s API was down or something needed to be disabled. Unfortunately, there is no way to know if this will prevent such issues, though it’s still a massive step forward for the franchise.

Show of hands if you’ve been that Guardian who has been jamming to some tunes while your friends organize the fireteam only to—at the very last minute, just as the raid is about to start—remember you left something in your vault and need to drop by the Tower. We get it, we do it too.

If that’s your hand we see waving around frantically, don’t worry—we’ve got some good news. Starting in Season 23, you’ll be able to access your vault from orbit! We are hoping that this update will make it easier for all Guardians to update their build ahead of the start of an activity.

We are exploring additional areas to give more freedom to access the vault in-game for potential future releases. We’ll keep you posted! In the meantime, feel free to drop us any feedback about this and anything else related to Destiny 2 by tagging us over on Twitter/X at @Destiny2Team or Reddit under the same name. Or keep it old-school and use the Bungie forums.

This week in Destiny

In addition to addressing major vault concerns, Bungie also confirmed changes to Ghost mods and item economy.


We’ve been talking a lot about economy changes over the past several months and while more tweaks are on the way, we wanted to have a quick chat about Ghost Mods and where they’re at. We’ve got our Economy team here to offer up some insight into even more changes ahead for Ghost Mods coming in Season 23. Take it away, our ghostests with the mostests!

Here’s a look at the new energy costs for the below mods:

Mod NameEnergy Cost
Combo Detector1 from 5
Wombo Detector 2 from 6
Mobility Armorer2 from 3
Resilience Armorer2 from 2
Recovery Armorer2 from 4
Strength Armorer2 from 3
Intellect Armorer2 from 4
Discipline Armorer2 from 3
Core Harvest1 from 4
Prism Harvest3 from 6
Modularity3 from 4

As the mathematically inclined among you may have already noticed, this means that you will have a lot more options for how to set up your Ghost while keeping those high-value XP mods slotted. Heck, with the right setup, you might find yourself with a Ghost Mod in every slot! We’re planning to check in with what Ghost loadouts you all choose to rock as you all go through Season 23, and we’ll use that information to plan further tweaks and upgrades to the system down the line.

Now, let’s talk about Rahool, shall we?


When we have brought up pricing changes in the past, we’ve seen some mention that it can be frustrating that Rahool doesn’t just… make change happen when talking to him, particularly when there is a big stack of Enhancement Prisms, but the amount of Enhancement Cores is a little lower than desirable. We talked to the Cryptarch, and he assured us that material fission was indeed possible, but the laws of thermodynamics necessitate a loss of matter—or something like that, he was saying a lot of science words. Long story short, starting in Season 23, he can now break down one Enhancement Prism into 5 Enhancement Cores for 2,500 Glimmer three times a week. Here’s a summary of all the updates:

Materials AcquiredMaterial Cost Glimmer CostPurchases Per Week
1 Enhancement Prism10 Enhancement Cores2500 (previously 10,000)3
1 Ascendant Shard10 Enhancement Prisms10,000 (previously 50,000)3
1 Ascendant Alloy10 Enhancement Prisms10,0003
5 Enhancement Cores1 Enhancement Prism2,5003

As always, the Economy crew will be keeping an eye on your inventories and Glimmer wallets to decide if any of these numbers need additional changes. We’ll also have more to share on the wider Destiny 2 economy in the near future.

This week in Destiny

Overall, this looks to be another welcome update to the upcoming season. Especially with LFG and the Sparrow rework set to release with it.

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