Wizard with a Gun Details Ammo Craftwork 34534

Wizard with a Gun Details Ammo Craftwork

Devolver Digital‘s latest Gunmancer’s Diary focuses on Wizard with a Gun’s Ammo Craftwork system.

By combining different spells and powder you can create various ammo that gives you an edge in the harsh world of Wizard with a Gun.

For more information about Wizard with a Gun can be found below.

Wizard with a Gun is an online cooperative sandbox survival game set in a magical wilderness wrought with dangerous creatures and arcane mysteries. Embark on a journey alone or with a friend to collect, craft, and outfit your wizard however you see fit as you explore the unknown. Carefully design weapons, bullets, and furnishings for your tower home but try not to burn it all down as the magic you wield escalates beyond your control…

Magical Weapon Customization

Collect resources from the world and craft unique enchanted ammunition for your arsenal of guns. Combine elements for intended or suprising effects that alter the shot, blast radius, bullet trail, and even the status of the creature in your crosshairs

Customized Whimsical Wizards

Create a dazzling wardrobe for your magic wielder from robes and hats to armor and accessories – functional and fashionable in a way that’s sure to impress.

Randomly Generated Biomes

Explore and uncover new sections of the world filled with deserts, swamps, tundra, and prairies – all loosely floating together through space and time after the world was fractured. Unleash cosmic power from the safety of your tower to reset the world and emerge once again to find a new layout to once familiar lands.

Cooperative Adventuring

Survive alone or with a wizard friend in online cooperative play to combine resources, magic, and creativity in your tower building. Or just watch it all burn down together – the choice is yours.

Systemic Gameplay

Experiment with new spell combinations and find out how they affect enemies and the world around you the hard way. Creative arrangements can lead to powerful creations that overwhelm your foes while untethered amalgamations can be a recipe for disaster!

Steam Listing

Wizard with a Gun is currently set to release on Oct. 17 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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