River City Girls 2 Adds 4-Player Online Mode 23423

River City Girls 2 Adds 4-Player Online Mode

WayForward released a free update to River City Girls 2 that adds 4-player online multiplayer to the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC versions.

In addition to 4-player online a number of other improvements were made to River City Girls 2.

The up-to-4-player online update for River City Girls 2 follows other recent performance and balance patches across all platforms, allowing users to enjoy gameplay that’s smoother, fiercer, and even more action-packed. Following the recent updates, repeat playthroughs of New Game+ are now possible, and the animation rate has been increased to provide a 60FPS experience on PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC, as well as upgraded performance on Switch. Based on user feedback, combos and juggles have been made more user-friendly, allowing Misako, Kyoko, and their allies to really bring the hurt to crime-lord Sabu and his yakuza army.

These new inclusions are on top of River City Girls 2’s already robust combat and rewarding feature set, which includes six playable characters, an expansive world with eight distinct regions, numerous weapons, personality-packed bosses, upgradable movesets, RPG-like character growth, recruits that assist you in battle, dozens of items and accessories to buy and equip, spectacular pixel-art graphics, full voiceovers by an all-star cast, an anime-style intro, and a fabulous soundtrack by composer Megan McDuffee.

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If you haven’t checked River City Girls 2 out yet, it’s currently available on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC. We also previously reviewed it and were left with a favorable impression.

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