Metroid Prime Remastered Now Available on Nintendo Switch 1

Metroid Prime Remastered Now Available on Nintendo Switch

After years of rumors, Nintendo finally announced Metroid Prime Remastered for Nintendo Switch.

It is currently available for download, and will cost $39.99. A physical version was also revealed, and is set to release later this month.

If you didn’t play the original adventure, or just wanted more information, you can find the official overview of Metroid Prime Remastered below.

Suit up for an iconic adventure

Intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran receives a distress signal from a wrecked frigate in orbit around planet Tallon IV. Upon investigation, the frigate reveals itself to be a Space Pirate research vessel home to terrifying genetic experiments using the mysterious Phazon substance. There, Samus encounters her nemesis, Meta Ridley, whom she pursues to the surface of Tallon IV. It’s up to her alone to explore the planet’s interconnected regions, investigate its dark secrets, and end the intergalactic threat posed by Phazon. 

Experience this critically acclaimed first-person adventure like never before with remastered visuals, audio, controls, and more.

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