Them's Fightin' Herds Version 3.1.2 Released; Adds Crossplay and More 1

Them’s Fightin’ Herds Version 3.1.2 Released; Adds Crossplay and More

In honor of Them’s Fightin’ Herds console release, Man6 released a rather substantial patch that adds crossplay, season pass content and explains differences between console and PC platforms.


TFH now features full crossplay! All players regardless if they’re playing on Steam or consoles can find and match each other through the matchmaking queue, classic lobbies, and Pixel Lobbies. Additional HUD elements have been added to help players identify those on a different platform.

Important: Account progress is tracked separately on each platform! Story mode data, lobby accessories, casual XP, friends lists, DLC, etc, do not sync across additional copies you own!

Technical Notes

The console netcode is based on EOS (Epic Online Services) to allow for crossplay. But, due to a bug with EOS P2P packet sending, players may experience more connection quality issues than the PC version when playing on or with consoles. The issue lies on the Epic side of the equation, but we’ll continue to monitor feedback and work with them to get it sorted.

However, Steam users playing with other Steam users will automatically use the original Steam netcode, which offers the same connection quality players were used to prior to this update.

Note: All platforms continue to use the TFH implementation of GGPO for rollback netcode, so online fights should still feel as responsive as they did before.


TFH now features translations for 10 additional languages! Added in this update:




Spanish (European) 

Portuguese (Brazilian)




Chinese (Simplified)

Chinese (Traditional)

If you would like to provide us with feebdack about the translations, email us at, or post in the #loc-feebdack channel in our Discord server.


Achievements are now officially a part of the Steam release, as well as on Playstation and Xbox (Switch does not support achievements).

Note: Prior to this update, players may have noticed that a set of hidden achievements were registered on Steam but could not be unlocked. This was because we were testing them and we could not hide them from player view completely. Sorry for the confusion! Those achievements are now active, but any progress made on them before this update doesn’t count!

Season 1 PassThe Season 1 Pass will become available for purchase on Steam at 9PM PT. Players who purchase it will get instant access to the exclusive palette pack and Pixel Lobby accessory pack, as well as access to all four future Season 1 Pass characters when they release.

Earlier this year, we teased the first playable character, Texas, who will be available next month.

Patch Notes

Pixel Lobby

Hosting a custom Pixel Lobby server on Linux is supported once again (previously, Linux servers were not working since 3.0).

Official Pixel Lobby servers are now available in Japan!

Remember, your connection to your opponent is peer-to-peer, so it doesn’t really matter which lobby you join. Sticking to the region closest to you just increases the chances you’ll meet players with lower ping.

A new type of Pixel Lobby equippable is now available: followers!

The miniwolf follower is instantly unlocked with the purchase of the Season 1 Pass. Others are unlocked like regular accessories: by opening chests in the Salt Mines, and by purchasing from Cap ‘n Cash’s. Careful though, Cashmere’s charging a premium for followers!

Note: A few small, but vital HUD features were removed from the Pixel Lobby due to incompatibilities with our new netcode. We will do our best to restore these features in a future update.

Differences Between PC and Console Versions

TFH was built primarily for PC. Not all of the features we’ve developed for the game work consoles, so a few things have been modified or disabled. 

Here are the main differences for console platforms over Steam:

Pixel Lobby text chat and voice chat is disabled. Players on consoles will not receive messages from either of those systems, but precanned messages still work!

The main menu newsfeed is temporarily disabled. We will be restoring this feature in a future update.

Sharing combo and replay files with players on consoles is currently not supported, and we don’t have plans to develop this feature further. You can still save your own combos and replays locally, though.

Hosting a Pixel Lobby server from a console is not possible, but there are no platform-specific lobbies. Lobbies hosted from PCs work on all platforms.

Known Issues

On all platforms, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese are swapped (if you launch the game in Traditional Chinese you’ll see Simplified Chinese and vice versa). Both translations are there and available, but to receive the language of your choice (until we fix this), you can set the Language option in the Gameplay menu.


Exciting times lie ahead for TFH. Now that our console release is complete, we will be doubling our efforts on the creation of new characters and additional Story Mode chapters. Stay tuned for news on that, and enjoy the release!

Patch Notes

Them’s Fightin’ Herds is now available on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series, Switch and PC.

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