Hellena Taylor Explains Why She Didn't Work on Bayonetta 3; Asks Fans to Boycott 1

Hellena Taylor Explains Why She Didn’t Work on Bayonetta 3; Asks Fans to Boycott

About a year ago, it was revealed Bayonetta would be voiced by Jennifer Hale, best known as female Shepard in Mass Effect and Samus Aran in Metroid, in Bayonetta 3. While it was originally attributed to scheduling conflicts, Hellena Taylor, who provided Bayonetta’s voice in the first two titles, sent out a series of tweets detailing her side of the story and asking fans to boycott Bayonetta 3.

According to Taylor, the final offer she received to work on Bayonetta 3 was a single payout of $4,000. To put this into perspective, the Global Voice Acting Academy (GVAA) suggests rates are around $825.50 per two-hour session. This will vary based on the person in question, the size of the role, and more, though it helps gauge the amount.

Along with the initial video, Taylor explained her struggle to get that offer and a request for players to side with her by not buying Bayonetta 3.

Following Taylor’s tweet and widespread interest from the gaming community, Hideki Kamiya, chief game director at Platinum Games, tweeted the following in response.

As of now, Kamiya has not followed up with their side of the story, but make sure to check back for more details as they arise.

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