Dragon Ball: The Breakers Trophy/Achievement Guide 43

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Trophy/Achievement Guide

Games like Dragon Ball: The Breakers are stressful for trophy/achievement hunters, since it becomes increasingly difficult to complete. Overtime fewer people will be playing, higher skill requirements and fewer people willing to work towards completing these tasks. Thankfully, most of the trophy/achievements are easy, though some require require a bit more explanation. To make this easier, we made a quick guide on how to unlock every trophy/achievement in Dragon Ball: The Breakers.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Trophy/Achievement Guide

Basic Information

To make things simpler, this guide will only include trophy/achievements we feel need some kind of explanation. As a result, things like win 50 matches will generally be excluded.

Can You Boost These Trophy/Achievements?

If you find enough people, yes, you can boost every trophy/achievement. While it is possible to do this with fewer than eight people, we strongly suggest you don’t. In addition to potentially losing control of the raider, which if that happens you can’t control match flow, it makes for an extremely unenjoyable experience for anyone paired with you.

Should I boost the Raider plays?

It depends how you want to play. If you enjoy playing, I would just play it naturally. However, if you hate playing as the raider, it is actually faster to boost it. With a full team of eight, not only can you control who the raider is, you can actually end the game in a minute or so.

All you need to do is meet up at one location, have the raider transform and then destroy the location where everyone is standing. As long as no one has the emergency teleport passive equipped, the match will end as soon as the attack hits. It’s extremely useful to win the game.

Do You Need to be the First Person to get Teamwork Trophies?

Revives, placing keys, saving civilians and so forth count for anyone who participates. In addition to that, it also makes things go a lot faster, though there is generally a cap. Be aware of the limits and play accordingly.

Trophy/Achievement Guide

Puttin’ in the Work
Place two super time machine power keys in one match.

Start by looking for power keys in one of the lettered locations. The location is random and will be inside one of the blue or red containers. If you’re having issues finding them or getting Am I a Genius or What?, keep an eye out for a Dragon Radar and use that to locate the keys you need.

Top Tips to Win Matches In Dragon Ball: The Breakers 2

Once a key is found, players will be informed and the letter will change from shaded to fully colored. If you look in the image above, we found the keys for A, D and E, but not B or C. When a key is located, keep an eye out for the orange beam. This can be seen in the sky and at considerable distance. Simply go there and place the key.

Invaluable Friends
Successfully start up the super time machine with all survivors having survived.

For many, this will be one of the hardest trophy/achievements. Not only do you need to successfully summon the super time machine, you need to do it without having anyone die or killing the raider.

Unfortunately, this is a really hard trophy/achievement to earn legitimately. Usually if a team is doing really well they’ll attempt to kill the raider, either resulting in someone dying or winning without the time machine, so my advice is to see what others are doing and try to influence them by pushing for the super time machine win over fighting the boss. If that doesn’t work, this is one of the best things to boost, since it only takes two games for everyone to get it.

You Mad?
Destroy the super time machine startup system.

When all the keys are placed the super time machine will appear. It always spawns in the same location and is a race to activate it to win. As a raider, you need to actually go up to the time machine and hold down the button prompt to actually destroy it. Keep in mind, it takes a considerable amount of time and people will likely try to stop you.

I Will Rid This Place of Every One of You!
Destroy the time machine.

The super time machine and time machine are actually different machines. When you obtain and place every key, you’ll get the super time machine, which requires a fair amount of teamwork to activate without getting slaughtered. As for the time machine, it appears when three players or less are alive or when the super time machine is destroyed and is activated by going to the blue pillar and successfully activating the device.

This is extremely useful for the raider, as destroying it will instantly finish the game. A common tactic is to go near the blue beam, let your enemies summon it and then destroy it. Not only is it weak, about one blast will do it, the target is quite massive.

A-Time-Travelin’ We Will Go
Escape in the time machine with three or more allies.

As mentioned above, this is for activating the other time machine that appears when three players or less are alive or after destroying the super time machine. To get this done, you need to summon it, fly around and have at least three people grab on and successfully fly away. It’s extremely difficult to do against a competent raider and something I strongly suggest either boosting or putting everything you have into holding the raider back and getting on.

Really Really… HATE YOU!
Finish off a survivor with a special finisher.

While both finisher trophy/achievements should come naturally, I wanted to clarify the exact requirements to make it simpler.

To finish off a player, simply defeat them and then hold down the prompt. This will do a special animation, give some power and stop them from moving. To perform a special finisher, you just need to be a higher level. In the case of Cell, doing the finisher at level three will give the trophy/achievement.

You’re Going Down!
Defeat a raider with an attack during an Ultimate Dragon Change.

This is probably the most frustrating trophy/achievement in Dragon Ball: The Breakers. To do this, you first need to hit level four as a survivor. There is only one way to do this, which is getting all the Dragon Balls, summoning Shenron and wishing for more power.

From there, you need to land the final blow against them in this form to earn it. If anyone assisting you lands the final blow, it will not count and you’ll need to do this again. The best advice I can give is to wait for others to start an offensive against the raider and join in. With some luck you’ll be the last one attacking and can defeat the raider with it. If you don’t want to go that direction, some people have had success using Special Beam Cannon. It does considerable damage to the boss and can be shot incredibly fast.

Care to Help Me Warm Up?
Reach Lv. 4 as a raider.

Unlike the survivor, raiders can hit level four without the Dragon Balls. All you need to do is finish off survivors and civilians. Once enough have gone down, you’ll hit the final form. If for some reason you’re having issues, Frieza is the best raider to do this with. Their That Actually Hurt skill gives evolution energy for taking damage, so even if you get smacked around you might still earn it before losing.

Hey, That Was Pretty Cool!
Land a vanish move against an opponent using a Super Attack.

This is perhaps the most questioned trophy/achievements in Dragon Ball: The Breakers and it makes sense. To vanish, you need to either be in your Dragon Change form or playing as the raider and push the dodge button. To land a vanish move against an opponent using a super attack, well, it requires some luck and skill.

First and foremost, you need to be relatively close (30’~) to the enemy using a super attack and be ready to dodge their attack. When you see the attack start to come at you, push forward and dodge at the same time. If it’s done correctly, the enemy will do their attack and you’ll appear behind them and do a quick attack.

Miraculous Special Ultra Super Megaton PUNCH
Without using Dragon Change, attack a raider trying to destroy the time machine startup system.

When a raider is actively trying to destroy the super time machine, you can buy some time by interrupting them. One of the trophy/achievements asks players do this this at a lower Dragon Change level, but this one is more of a Hail Mary play.

Despite saying “attack,” it actually requires players to get next to the raider and push the attack button. This will show a brief cutscene where the raider stops your attack and kills you. Not the best tactic, though I’ve won a few games by delaying the raider with it.

Did You Think I’d Let You Get Away?
Destroy an area and down two survivors.

When you level as a raider, you’ll gain an attack that uses both triggers.

Pushing this will let you destroy a section of the map. Unfortunately, it requires some luck to get legitimately, though there are some tricks as well. The best tactic is to save it for when players are grouped up. This commonly happens when there are one or two keys remaining. Another solid trick is to select one location, wait and then quickly moving it to another. It will still give people time to react, though it vastly increases your chances of getting a kill.

Y-You Got It!
Respond to an ally’s signal.

To get Y-You Got It! and Check This Out!, you need to make use of the ping system. This is L1 on PlayStation and I assume LB for Xbox. To get Check This Out, look at an item and just push the ping button. This will alert everyone to whatever you pinged. As for Y-You Got It, go up to the pinged item and ping it yourself. This acts as a confirmation you got the ping and unlocks this trophy/achievement.

What Are You Buyin’?
Make a purchase at a vending machine six times in one match.

Every level has a few vending machines scatted about. Each one will contain various items that cost different amounts of Zeni. To get this trophy/achievement, you need to buy six items in a single match.

This sounds more complicated than it actually is. Start by breaking and opening every box you encounter. Coins will automatically be collected, with gold bars giving zeni as well. Once you obtain a sizable amount, try to find two different rocket launcher vending machines. You should be able to get four from one and two from the remaining one. Summoned machines can also appear as a rocket, though are generally limited to two redeems. After buying your sixth item the trophy/achievement will unlock.

Come Forth, Shenron!
Have Shenron grant your wish.

Anyone remotely familiar with Dragon Ball knows you need all seven Dragon Balls to summon Shenron. Dragon Ball: The Breakers is no different. These will be hidden throughout the map and can be earned by opening boxes or saving civilians. There isn’t really a trick to finding them, though obviously the Dragon Radar helps a lot, with the struggle for most groups being who gets to use them.

Unfortunately, it’s incredibly common for someone to have one or more of the balls and refuse to drop them for someone else to use. Pushing the Dragon Ball emote is a good indicator, as is just letting someone with four or five having it, though it’s all luck.

That said, it’s a lot easier for the raider to summon Shenron. Any survivor you kill with a Dragon Ball will drop it and going to the altar you pick to summon Shenron can be taken over. It will likely take a few attempts, though eventually you’ll get your wish. If you do, remember You’re Going Down! requires getting the wish, asking for power and killing the raider.

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