Various 3D Realms Beta Builds Appear Online for Download 1

Various 3D Realms Beta Builds Appear Online for Download

Various 3D Realms beta builds were for players to enjoy. These leaks include Prey‘s prototype, Doom 64‘s beta build, the cancelled Duke Nukem: Endangered Species, plus the 1996 Duke Nukem Forever builds

While it’s unclear what information these builds will contain, simply having them is a win for anyone hoping to preserve lost media. This is especially true for the Duke Nukem builds, as Duke Nukem Forever has a fascinating history, with an unusual legacy given the infamous nature of the title. While the same can’t be said about Duke Nukem: Endangered Species, it’s always nice to experience a title that never released, and see what could’ve been, or understand why it never was.

At this time it isn’t clear if we will see any additional leaks, such as the 1998, or 2002 builds of Duke Nukem Forever, but it certainly isn’t impossible. The person who leaked the both of these Duke Nukem builds, x0r, also previously leaked the 2001 after detailing it via a 4Chan post. Given they have the 1996 version, along with titles from 2001, it’s likely they also have the 1998 build. Unfortunately, neither version were addressed by any party, though it’s entirely possible they could join the list of titles sometime in the near future.

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