Hellena Taylor Comments on Allegations Against Her Claims in Bayonetta Voice Acting Controversy 1

Hellena Taylor Comments on Allegations Against Her Claims in Bayonetta Voice Acting Controversy

A lot has changed since Hellena Taylor started the controversy over replacing her as the voice actress of Bayonetta in Bayonetta 3. Her initial videos claimed Platinum Games offered her $4,000 to do all her voice work in Bayonetta 3, a sum she thought was too low and called on players to boycott the game. However, Bloomberg reporter, Jason Schreier, wrote an article saying he found sources and obtained documents that suggested she was offered roughly $15,000 to voice the whole game. Since then the spotlight shifted to Taylor, who posted a number of tweets giving her side of the story.

The first two tweets seemingly confirm the $15,000 sum others have suggested she was offered, though it’s important to note that sum was the lowest possible amount based off Schreier’s report that Taylor was offered $3,000 to $4,000 per 4 hour session, with this totaling at least five sessions.

According to Taylor, the $4,000 sum she mentioned in the videos was an offer Platinum Games made for her to voice “some lines.” This would’ve likely been a small cameo and probably short enough to finish in a single 4 hour session. Taylor also noted the upward estimate is a “total fabrication” and that she did not ask for “$250,000” for the role.

Taylor’s final tweet noted she made £3000 voicing the first game, which comes out to roughly $4,424.48 after converting to USD and calculating for inflation. Following that she was offered “a little more” to work on Bayonetta 2.

Given Platinum Games, the current voice of Bayonetta, Jennifer Hale, and Taylor’s updated comments this is likely going to be the last we hear about the controversy, at least before Bayonetta 3 releases on Oct. 28.

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